Around the old town of Trapani

The Greeks called it Drepanon ie. sickle or scythe, the Romans Drepanum; it appears in the Elymo-Punic era as a port and fishing village rising next to the important town already established on mount Erice.

The landscape of Trapani captivates for its extraordinary beauty. The shape of the city, like a double crescent stretching out into the sea as if to divide the Tyrrhenian Sea from the Mediterranean Sea, brings us back to its ancient name of Drepanon: as the myth has it, the sickle slipped out of the hand of Ceres, goddess of crops, as she was desperately looking for her daughter Persephone who had been kidnapped. The urban landscape has been enhanced in recent years with restoration works that have breathed new life into the old town and with the recovery of the city walls on the north site and near the port, thus restoring the prestige of the city with its noble history.

Distance from Cafisu B&B: about 7 km, can be reached in about 10 minutes For more information

The Egadi Islands: Favignana, Levanzo and Marettimo

The first and largest island, with its vague shape of a butterfly, is Favignana, which the ancients called Favonia, from the name of the wind Favonius. The island is a microcosm to be discovered, with the industrial archaeology site of the Florio Tonnara (tuna-processing factory), the remote fortress of Santa Caterina, the central square that vibrates with the daily life of the islanders and brightens up during the evening walks of visitors.

Bed and breakfast a TrapaniJust a little further north rises Levanzo, the smallest of the three and also the closest to the port of Trapani, with its whitewashed houses huddled near the little port full of colourful fishing boats. Marettimo, the farthest and the wildest island, is peaceful and quiet, where days go by at sea or strolling along the hiking trails bordered with lush vegetation. Much like Levanzo, it is ideal for diving enthusiasts, thanks to the variety of the seabed and the coast pricked by dozens of natural caves.

Distance from Cafisu B&B: between 20 (Levanzo) and 75 minutes (Marettimo) by hydrofoil. For more information